In Dubai, is it possible to launch a business while still working?

Can you start a business while still being employed in Dubai?

If you have a license from particular free zones, like Meydan Free Zone, you may really launch a business in Dubai while holding down a job. Many free zones no longer require employees to present permission from a current employer as a result of changes to UAE law.

If you need a no objection letter from your current employer to get a license, they will let you know when you approach a free zone.

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In Dubai, is it possible to launch a business while still working?

Yes, you are permitted to launch a business in Dubai while still holding a job as long as you obtain your business license from one of the free zones, such as Meydan Free Zone, which doesn’t need a no objection certificate. However, you must ensure that you obtain your present employer’s approval if you plan to open your firm in a free zone that requires one.

In Dubai, there may be issues with requesting a no objection letter from your existing job. Employers may reject your request in some fields of work and based on the type of work you do.

Due to worries about trade secrets, competition, compliance, and security, some employers may not be enthusiastic about delivering a no objection certificate. Your current employer can decline to provide them your no objection certificate if they worry that you’ll leave and take some of their clients with you.

You could just have to quit your job and launch your own firm after leaving your current employer if they won’t provide you a no objection certificate. If so, if you are a foreign national you must find out what this implications for your visa status.

However, most employers are understanding and will accept that you are starting a business to pursue a personal passion, especially if it won’t compete with them (e.g., someone leaving a software company to start their dream coffee shop). Numerous firms will be accommodating and delighted to offer a no objection certificate.

UAE employment laws

The UAE’s labor regulations were updated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to bring them into compliance with global best practices. These include a 60-day maternity leave provision, a 14-day longer probationary term, and new legislation protecting employees from harassment and bullying.

Additionally, the UAE has passed new legislation governing flexible and part-time employment. The new regulations explicitly recognize part-time workers and grant them prorated vacation leave rights. It also recognizes that, with the employer’s permission, an employee may work from a distance or launch a business.

As long as they have served for at least a full year, departing employees are also qualified for a full end-of-service gratuity under the new law. Employees used to only be eligible for the money after five years of service prior to this.

Why Do Business Owners Pick Meydan Free Zone?

In the heart of Dubai, close to the Meydan racetrack and golf course, is the Meydan Free Zone, a commercial centre. The free zone offers a smart and alluring location to establish your new firm without the need for a NOC and is available around-the-clock with high-speed internet and technical support.

With a NOC from Meydan, business owners can set up a Flexi-desk and even start a firm on the Dubai mainland. In addition to substantial financial advantages (such as a 0% tax rate and 100% foreign ownership) to start your firm in our free zone, we also provide a range of other forms of help, such as:

  • MOFA Approved:Our business licenses are approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE making your business ownership legitimate.
  • Meydan Pay: Our easy-to-use banking solution which gives you a bank account and IBAN instantly to start sending and receiving payments.
  • Easy Payment Plans: We have partnered with reputable banks to help spread the cost of starting your business. A number of banks have partnered with us, including ADCB, Commercial Bank of Dubai, FAB, and Emirates Islamic.
  • Meydan Commerce: Our unique support service helps businesses start selling products online via websites like Amazon and Noon. Powered by our tailor-made solution, you can benefit from perks such as product listing optimization, onboarding, marketing, vendor management, store setup and Amazon prime listing and delivery.

How do I obtain a license for the Meydan Free Zone?

It is fairly easy to obtain a license for the Meydan Free Zone. You just need to finish the steps on our website to start your free zone application once you have your present employer’s no objection certificate in hand.

Step 1: Submit your application, a filled-out Know Your Customer (KYC) form, and any necessary government authorizations.

Step 2: Hold off until you have security and government approvals, which usually only takes a day or two. There is a license for you.

Step 3: Your banking IBAN is used to issue your license.

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