The top 10 start-ups to work for in the UAE

The top 10 start-ups to work for in the UAE

An app for booking fuel on demand According to professional network LinkedIn, Cafu is this year’s top start-up to work for in the UAE.

Kitopi, a cloud kitchen startup based in Dubai, Inspire Integrated Services, a firm that manages real estate and facilities, Yellow Door Energy, a company that provides sustainable energy, and a weekly meal subscription service The LinkedIn Top Start-ups list for 2021 lists Hello Chef as number five.

According to the LinkedIn list, other sought-after start-up employers in the UAE include the delivery app Swan, the payment technology company Pyypl, the digital banking platform YAP, the digital health insurance provider Sehteq, and the bus- and ride-hailing service Swvl.

The global Top Start-ups List is an annual ranking of the burgeoning start-ups to watch out for and work for, powered by LinkedIn data, according to a statement released by LinkedIn on Wednesday.

Employment growth, employee engagement, job interest, and talent recruitment were the four criteria that LinkedIn utilized to determine the top start-ups in the UAE. This year’s start-ups were examined between January and July.

Nearly all of the businesses on the UAE list, according to LinkedIn, are “actively hiring and embracing the flexibility workers now expect.”

Start-ups are a natural location to look for cutting-edge innovation in how we are addressing the future of work, and LinkedIn’s list of the Top Start-ups is where you can find the start-ups you should be paying attention to, according to Salma.

Since SMEs are the foundation of the UAE economy, the government has taken steps to assist company owners in navigating the Covid-19 situation.

In the UAE, more than 400,000 SMEs are in operation. According to the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, they account for more than 60% of the UAE’s non-oil economy and offer jobs to 86% of the workforce in the private sector.

According to a research from data platform Magnitt, the total amount of capital raised by start-ups in the Mena region increased by 64% in the first half of the year to $1.2 billion. According to the research, the UAE led the way in terms of deal volume, with its start-ups obtaining 61% of all Mena investments.

“The start-up ecosystem in the UAE is flourishing because of the country’s inventive and strong start-ups,” Ms. Altantawy added.

Even though the economy is still recovering, it’s critical to recognize the businesses that have remained competitive in their industries despite uncertainties around the world and continue to attract top talent.

According to the statement, a firm must be privately held, have 30 or more workers, be eight years old or younger, and have its headquarters in the Emirates in order to qualify for the UAE Top Start-ups list.

According to LinkedIn, the most profitable start-ups in the UAE put a strong emphasis on user ease and improved money management. For instance, according to LinkedIn, YAP is a digital banking company that assists consumers in managing their money using mobile devices, while Pyypl is a digital alternative to a credit card.

Other startups also make a difference through creativity and technology, as seen in Yellow Door Energy’s efficiency solutions that help companies save money on energy and cut carbon emissions. According to LinkedIn, Kitopi enables restaurants to operate delivery-only locations, which reduces waste.

In a funding round spearheaded by SoftBank in July, Kitopi raised $415 million, which will aid in the company’s plans to grow operations in the Middle East and support its entry into South-east Asia.

Swvl announced in July that it would merge with special purpose acquisition business Queen’s Gambit Growth Capital in order to list on the Nasdaq technology index. It is the second Middle Eastern technological start-up to use a SPAC to apply for a listing on a US stock exchange, but the first with a $1.5 billion valuation.

Best start-ups to work for in the UAE:

  • Cafu
  • Kitopi
  • Inspire Integrated Services
  • Yellow Door Energy
  • Hello Chef
  • Swan
  • Pyypl
  • YAP
  • Sehteq
  • Swvl

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